Monday, February 28, 2011

The dog was giving me the stare!

Even the dog was looking at me funny this morning after my full throttle sprint on the treadmill....I hardly had time to workout this morning after our horrible night of storms, waking the kids up to sleep in the basement, listening to the dog howl, being awakened by the school to tell me school was delayed due to flooding roads and all in all lack of sleep which ultimately had me hitting the snooze button 5 times til I overslept and had no time to do a long run (UGGGG!!!) so I told myself I would run a 5 k as fast I 8.5+ speed on treadmill so could still make it to work on time!  I was dripping buckets because my treadmill is upstairs and HEAT RISES! and I was on fire!  so the dog thought I looked gross apparently!  Well, all that being said....I think I'm gonna join LA Fitness so I can start training for my first official tri! Yeah!  Its a sprint tri, but I figured I better work my way up to the Ironman version hahahhah! 

Lazy Sunday...sort of

Today was a day full of family, fun, food and fitness! My favorite "F" words! We slept in and cuddled....laid around and cuddled some more.   Then Von, my hubs, made a delicious breakfast of cheesy scrambled eggs, biscuits and gravy, bacon, filet mignon (seriously), whole wheat toast (healthy huh?) and oj and milk...Oh my goodness.  I didn't go overboard...fortunately for me I knew I had to workout so I couldn't fill my belly up too much but boy was it good.

I also made some yummy bread for dinner to accompany my yummy vegi and turkey hot and sweet chili!  I had to let the dough rise for 8 hours then bake and it baked up HUGE!

it kinda looks like this guy?  How did I manage that?
I managed to squeeze in a good workout today too.  Didn't do alot of distance but I did a really fast 5K and some bodyrock.  Yesterday I did 5 miles and some ab work.  I've really been thinking about what my fitness goals are and its been an ongoing struggle for me.  I've been drawn to triathlons lately (haven't done one yet but I really really want to).  I'm kind of scared of it...its all such a mystery to me, but I think I would be decent at it...and it would definitely keep me in shape and doing a variety of workouts.  I swam competitively as a kid, but its been a long time and like all of you, Ive ridden a bike, BUT road bikes are a far cry from my ten speed or my mountain bike.  I think I finally convinced the hubs to help me buy a road bike so I can give triathlons a fair shake....I really like this one...but thats just for looks not because I know anything about road bikes NOTE TO SELF:  Research road bikes!

I was gonna post more pics and other tidbits from my exciting Sunday but my computer is acting I guess I will save em for tomorrow.  Night Night.

Friday, February 25, 2011


This week has been absolutely crazy!  I'm pretty sure I haven't been this busy in a long time.  It's a good thing I've got some fun plans in the works for tonight (its also a good thing that I don't have to run double digit miles tomorrow....because after my fun evening tonight...I might not be able too Wink Wink!

Finding time to write posts for the blog has been difficult so I've enlisted the help of my baby boy to help with today's post.....

He is working so diligently on his little
handy manny laptop....

here is a brief look at his post...

Spongebob and Patrick are my
best buds! i want juice...MOMMY!

Now I know he doesn't look like
a BABY, but he is my youngest
of 3 so he definitely still qualifies
in my book....even though he is
about the size of my 6 year old.
I think this one will be the athlete of
the family....I sure hope so, someone
needs to make some $$$.

Anyway, yesterday and today's workouts were pretty good.  I tend to consider
Thursdays as my "REST" day cause I take pilates' classes at 6 am and allow
myself to take a day off of running (my legs just said Hallelujah!!)

Today, I busted out 4 miles on treadmill and did some more Bodyrock!  Check out her
site to see the crazy moves she gets me doing to keep my behind in shape!

Later gators....

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

One of my favorite is so inspiring!


TODAY's WORKOUT:  5 miles plus killer workout.....18 minutes of  THE ATTACKING HOT WARRIOR WORKOUT! 

and since I didn't post yesterdays, I will now:  4 miles plus Jump Up-Knee Hug-Power Up Exercise Challenge (also a special!!)

and on to day's post>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I"m sitting at work....
Don't I look super excited
right now?   I'm actually very
busy but needed a five minute
break to de-stress.  These little
breathers help me be more productive.

I figure its better than running out
to the nearest mall and shopping
which is what I would really love
to do right now...but ALAS I cannot
as I spent my last dollar having someone
else clean my toilets yesterday! Seriously..
totally worth it!!

Anyway, I'm feeling a bit hungry...already ate my yogurt and granola for breakfast....already had 3 cups of must have coffee...hmmm now what?
I don't want to bust out my lunch (yummy chili leftovers!) right now because I usually work late and will get very very very did I say very hungry later and eat
all the mini chocolate bars that my mom keeps bringing into the office (damn her!)

So I chose to eat some nuts....I am a huge fan of cashews and I like some other nuts...but
definitely cashews are my favorite...but my mom buys these huge jars of mixed nuts and they have like 5 cashews in them...uggg! check em out....this looks more like a jar of Almonds and Monster Ugly Nuts!

Well my 5 minutes are up...back to the grind!...but I will be back...I have an amazing video to post later (totally inspired by Sarah's earlier post)

Bye for now......Danielle

Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm just saying.....

This was a photo of our pool - bar area at the resort we visited in Key West in January (a sweet suprise from my hubs!)
I need to go back  PRONTO!

Happy Birthday Mr. President!

I tell you I am so done with school being cancelled, delayed, on vacation! I feel like my kids have been in my house and my face non-stop for days!  plus all the sickness that is is a great day, don't get me wrong but I think it makes sense that the kids go to school today to study the Presidents (just my 2cents).  Anywho....on to TODAY'S WORKOUT! I did get to sleep in a bit today til 7 (whoop whoop!!)

4 Miles on Treadmill  PLUS (see below)

(Sarah did this workout too-great minds think a like!)
-I am not a fan of jump lunges!!!

here's the lo down on this workout:
10 sec. rest
1. Jump Lunge – 50 sec. effort
10 sec. rest
2. Leg Raises – 50 sec. effort
10 sec. rest
3. Jump Lunge – 50 sec. effort
10 sec. rest
4. Santana Push Up & Leg Lift – 50 sec. effort
10 sec. rest
5. Jump Lunge – 50 sec. effort
10 sec. rest
6. Chin Ups – 50 sec. effort
10 sec. rest
7. Jump Lunge – 50 sec. effort
10 sec. rest
8. Seated Bicycle - 50 sec. effort
10 sec. rest
9. Jump Lunge – 50 sec. effort (my score – 21 reps)
10 sec. rest
10. One Leg Dead Lift (left leg) – 50 sec. effort
10 sec. rest
11. Jump Lunge – 50 sec. effort
10 sec. rest
12. One Leg Dead Lift (right leg) – 50 sec. effort 

PLUS - 3 sets of ab work

1.  The hundred (pilates)
2.  100 slow crunches - keep belly button to the spine)
3. teasers


then I played with my Kindle....which I am now officially in love with!  Super exciting stuff I know...but I'm sure something officially interesting will happen today. 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

No Pain No Gain!

I went out last night with a friend I haven't seen in a while and had a couple cocktails knowing that I had to do a  long run first mistake.  Don't get me wrong, I had a great time and knowing that I had to run today kept me in line.  Not sure why I'm telling you all this but I guess that's the type of writer I am "RANDOM".  It was pretty nice out today...when I left for my run it was probaby 39 degrees out....pretty warm given the absolutely horrible winter we've had lately. 

I used to always be an outdoors runner, rain or shine, snow or sleet...but once I had kids I gradually merged into a treadmill runner...its not easy nor does it make me a "great mom" to take my kids out in ten degree whether in a jogging stroller (I have contemplated this when I didn't have anyone around and I needed a good long run).  Back to today's run - I ended up doing 10 miles on a pretty hilly course....with a 8:30 pace (translation for treadmill runners - that is about 7.0 speed on the treadmill)...I had some miles that were faster but I averaged about that.  So I am not sure if it was the "COCKTAILS" from last night or all the hills from being outside that gave me the worst stomach pains!  I hate that feeling....but the pain is worth it!

One little treat that my husband gave me to help make my treadmill runs more enjoyable (well, 2 treats - he bought me a kindle so I can read and run!) is pictured in the attached...he wired the tv to my treadmill so I can plug my headphones in so I can hear the tv perfectly.  I used to turn the volume all the way to 100 and still couldnt hear it because it was so loud it was muddled sounding not to mention the loud treadmill.  I spend most of the run trying to decipher what they were saying on Millionaire Listing (my new fav reality show)....are there really realtors like this?  gotta love it!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Priorities! Priorities!

So today has been a very interesting day so 6 six year old princess (we'll call her Ry) has been fighting a fever for a few days and I have been taking her to work with me everyday. We all know what this equal "kids at work = no work getting done BECAUSE we spend all day going to the vending machine, un-screwing up the computer because they think they can type any word into the computer and it will actually bring up the right website. That is never a good idea (Have you ever looked up Dicks Sporting Goods without typing in the whole name? = NOT A GOOD IDEA! Anywho...back to my princess...she broke out in a rash which clued me into the fact that she must have an infection and GUESS WHAT? she does! STREP! I'm just counting down the days that my 2 boys catch it...atleast its easily treated.

Since I didn't feel right about taking my strep ridden daughter to my office and contaminating the entire staff..we went shopping YEAH! New shoes for her, new pants from Express (my favorite place for dress pants) and some fun stuff from Victoria Secret....ahhh I just love shopping Ry kept saying "I just love mommy-daughter days"...melted my heart :) !!

Before all this excitement, I did manage to get my workout in.....4 fast miles on the treadmill and a 20 minute bodyrock workout doing crazy crazy things with my body. I tell ya if you have never done bodyrock workout...check it does a body good! I'm training for the Geist Mini in May with Sarah and she is on a mission....therefore, I must be on a mission...OMG! Let me tell you, her mission is to kill it in this race! I've run a few half marathons....and could probably count the number of days I missed working out on two hands because it is one of my biggest priorities. Even when I'm sick I work out. Not sure if that is good or bad or maybe crazy? but I like to think the reason I don't get sick very often is because I work out alot and eat pretty healthy. Eating healthy is my favorite way to eat, unfortunately I don't always do it because I need someone like Sarah to cook for me (did I mention she is an awesome cook?) She was talking out making some chili...and she better save me a bowl!! Hint Hint Hint!!

I need to post a picture here somewhere don't I...I didnt have my camera all day so not really sure its gonna fit...but how bout this for a fun pic!

This shows that we mean it when we say we love wine!!

See the second picture? Those 2 gals in the middle? yep! thats me and Sarah and our 8 wine glasses...4 each! SWEET!