Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New shoes

I love getting new running shoes. My new favorites are Mizunos! I love how they fit and they feel broken in from the moment I put them on straight out of the box. I originally started out running in the wave rider 15s which were recommended by a number of my favorite people....Runners Forum and SkinnyRunner. I loved them!! I had switched from my past loves new balance because I suffered a broken Sesamoid bone in my right foot ( which will never heal..I've been told) so I was looking for a neutral shoe with more cushioning. Problem is I run quite a bit so through my own research I decided to try the Mizuno with Max cushion and for pronatorsto help push my foot out a bit away from my broken bone. The Mizuno nirvanas were perfect for this.........until my left foot started acting up because it didn't like the direction the shoes were pushing back to the drawing board. I love the wave rider 15 for shorter runs but I needed a slightly more cushioned neutral shoe for long outdoor runs they don't benefit from the shock absorption my treadmill I tried the wave creation 13!!! They are for neutral runners who need max cushioning...they should put a picture of me on the label....And I love how they fit and they are cute too!! Let's hope they stand up I have a half marathon on the 20th. In short I bought 1 pair of wave rider 15s for tm runs and my wave creation 13s for long outdoor I think I'm good for a bit!

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  1. I think I'm going to try these! I've only worn asics(which I do love) but want to see what else is out there!