Thursday, December 29, 2011

Saturday, December 3, 2011

The lil Christmas trees

Today was a nice relaxing day.

1. slept in til 9 = amazing!

2. rode bike for 2 hours while watching dvr catch up episodes of The Closer

3. took a hot bath....also =amazing!

4. took the kiddos to see the new Muppets movie. It was pretty cute but I about went into REM sleep so it wasn't great but I guess I couldn't expect too much. I did eat a delicious pretzel with spicy cheese and ran into a friend and her hubby who were going to see Breaking Dawn....I was jealous.

5. Picked up carry out dinner from this lil Mexican place- shrimp n rice was soooo good.

6. Started Christmas decorating...specifically the kids decorated their mini Christmas trees for their rooms....let the holidays begin!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Damn funny stuff here!!

I'm new to twitter and I've been following someecards which I must say post some of the funniest crap ever...whenever i need a pick me up...i visit their site or read their tweets.

so here's the latest funny stuff....Click here to read the "most awkward entertaining or horrifying notes ever written by a roommate"..

Just a few samples before you go read them in their entirety off of our lovely blog....

I'm still laughing..

On a side note, Sarah and I missed out on our cycling class yesterday because it filled up sooooo we had to try out a boot camp conditioning class....I need to save a review of it for another day but lets just say Sarah and I were cracking up laughing....was it a workout? sure, a little...did I sweat some? sure, a little....will I go again? sure..I mean No!  I know I looked ridiculous bouning around that little room...I think on the running portion of the 'boot camp', Sarah and I lapped everyone in the class like 10 times all while laughing our asses off....OMG it was funny.