Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mommys Day!

This weekend was so very nice.  Nice weather, nice family time, nice presents yeah! and yummy food!
I did an 11 mile run on Saturday, a 35 mile bike on Sunday and a 5.5 mi outdoor run this morning (it was so nice because the sun was out at 6:30am and I could run in the perfect temps and start my day out without being cooped up in the gym....great way to start a week.

Here are a few pics from our Mother's Day brunch on Sunday.  It was nice to see more of my extended family which unfortunately happens very seldom. 

Me, the hubs, our 3 kiddos and my grandma.

same as above plus my mom and dad, my bro and sis and lots of aunts and uncles

After brunch, my sis and I went shopping with my mothers day moula $$ and then saw this flick....

the movie has not received great reviews...but I still enjoyed it.  Had some funny parts for sure...and
some heartbreaking ones..I wasn't sure who to feel bad for in the movie...anyway, its always nice to get out and see a movie that isn't a cartoon or rated G. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Behind the times...

I am literally so swamped at work and at home that I am now getting ready to post Easter pics...wth!!!
yes, I am going to do you have been forewarned...and the crazy thing is..its only like 3 pictures!  I am so bad.  I've had the flu for 2 days along with my daughter...I tell ya there is nothing like projectile vomiting and stress to brighten your week. 

I know I am sick when I can't drag myself out of bed to work absolutely sickens me...and that is what I did yesterday.  I had a great workout weekend...did 30 miles on bike trainer followed by one mile transistions sprint on Saturday, did 6 mile run on Sunday and did 7 hard miles on treadmill on Monday (and when I say hard...I mean people were looking at me like I had 2 heads!)...

By Monday afternoon, I was under my desk sick..could barely walk, could barely talk..and when I got home I crashed hard.  Tuesday morning...I laid there and thought about how I needed to run and bike and then I thought more about how it wasn't going to happen...then I was sad.  On the bright side, I watched a Law and Order Marathon all day long!  that was quite enjoyable.  Today I was still sick, but managed 10 miles on bike trainer....I needed something.  Hopefully tomorrow I can run and bike and swim.  We'll see.

So without further delay.....Easter pics!

My baby girl in her flower ears delivered by the Easter Bunny!

This decor was courtesy of my baby girl.  She was with me at the office and was bored
and asked if she could decorate the conference room.  I had a box full of fun Easter Toys from a
conference I had done.   This is the simply put a huge smile on my face.  Love the duckies on the chairs
and the ones lining the window .

My wonderful gift from MR EASTER BUNNY!