Thursday, December 1, 2011

Damn funny stuff here!!

I'm new to twitter and I've been following someecards which I must say post some of the funniest crap ever...whenever i need a pick me up...i visit their site or read their tweets.

so here's the latest funny stuff....Click here to read the "most awkward entertaining or horrifying notes ever written by a roommate"..

Just a few samples before you go read them in their entirety off of our lovely blog....

I'm still laughing..

On a side note, Sarah and I missed out on our cycling class yesterday because it filled up sooooo we had to try out a boot camp conditioning class....I need to save a review of it for another day but lets just say Sarah and I were cracking up laughing....was it a workout? sure, a little...did I sweat some? sure, a little....will I go again? sure..I mean No!  I know I looked ridiculous bouning around that little room...I think on the running portion of the 'boot camp', Sarah and I lapped everyone in the class like 10 times all while laughing our asses off....OMG it was funny. 

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