Wednesday, November 30, 2011

So I'm always looking for a new workout to try and this one came via twitter from Triathlete Magazine none too soon.  The full workout is included below, but due to time contstraints, I did the workout you see below up to the point of the run coming in 5 minute intervals.  I am going to do the full version this weekend....but it was definitely great for the legs.   From an intensity perspective, I tried to just push for a running pace on the treadmill equivalent to what I do for my sprint triathlons and the bike, I try to keep it at 21mph + on the trainer...not full proof but you do sweat alot.

The workout:

30-minute warm-up on the bike  (I did about 10 minutes warm up, the remaining 20 at high intensity)

10 minutes of running

10 minutes of cycling

10 minutes of running

10 minutes of cycling

5 minutes of running
10 minutes of cycling
5 minutes of running
10 minutes of cycling
5 minutes of running
10 minutes of cycling
5 minutes of running
20-minute cool down on the bike.

I'm excited to join Sarah at a cycling class at LA Fitness tonight....I've never been a huge fan of "classes" but once again....looking for a change of we shall see..I'm sure if Sarah loves it, I will too. 

and since I always have to include a photo, related, random or's my baby this new app (instagram) on my iphone...lets you do cool crap with your pictures...


Friday, November 25, 2011

Leftovers..not today

We didn't do leftovers today instead
we ate sushi. It was sooo good. I crammed a 30 mi bike which made me hungry but I still wanted something kinda healthy. We're having thanksgiving take 2 tomorrow...gonna hv to ride 100 miles to burn off what my mom and dad cook up.

Happy Thanksgiving !

Good food with my brother and sister!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Random bits of nothingness

I'm a little bit sleepy today.  I went home last night after work and rode the good ol bike for 20 miles...instead of watching some catch-up shows on my dvr, i rocked to some new downloads off of itunes
Is it bad that my new fav song is my Selena Gomez (I love you like a love song) oh my I really do love that song....isn't she like 12 or something....I do love that song. 

Anywho, I avg'd just under 21 it was a good intense ride and I was drippin buckets o sweat.  pretty picture in your mind i'm sure.  This morning I didnt want to get out of bed, but alas I did and busted out a four mile tempo run on the treadmonster! not a huge run, but considering it was the 3rd in a 24 hour period...I can't complain.  Tomorrow my legs will surely be appreciating my pilates class.

Check out my new purchase of the day....or soon to be purchase

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Swim Swim Swim

Today was a Masters Swim day….and today was distance day! Can you hear the excitement in my voice??!!

I am looking more and more forward to swim sessions….it is just so tough to get up at 4:40 in the morning for the 5:15 session especially when you don’t even lay down to try and go to sleep til after midnight.  And then….I can’t sleep…so I read and then I finally get tired and then I worry about not waking up in time so I wake up every hour and then can’t go back to sleep because well…you know…because I’m afraid I won’t wake up…ohhh the pain!  But I got up! And this was the work out…

1 x 400 on 8:00 Warm up
8 x 100 on 1:30 Swim even PACE
4 x 200 on 3:45 Swim IM or Stroke
2 x 400 on 7:30 Swim IM or Stroke
1 x 800 on 12:00 PULL - steady pace
4 x 100 on 2:00 100 Kick/100Swim...etc.
Total 4,000 Yards

If you are anything like me…you can’t do 8 100s at 1:30 pace and have any rest between so I have to do 75s but other than that…this was my workout and it worked me out.  Tonight the goal is to get some bike miles in…maybe 20 hard miles.  We’ll see..

Not much else exciting has been transpiring lately..went to the colts game Sunday…which they lost….uggg again! I do love our mascot though…Air Blue is very cute!

And I am looking forward to seeing this movie this weekend…I am in fact very excited to see this flick!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Training Suit can be cute!

I'm excited to have found my new training swim suit...being that I am pretty girly I wanted to find something different.  I ended up going with this one...but there were 2 runner ups......

The Chosen One...

The Runner Ups.............

The really liked the last 2..but my swim club might not take me too seriously if I'm dressed like Wonder Woman or like I am straight out the 70's... 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Blogger break has to end....

So I'm officially back and trying to be regular with this blog thing.  I haven't posted in hmmmm we'll go with forever...and that sucks really.  I've been really busy training all year and I need to be better about posting about it.  I like writing what I do because it keeps me accountable...and I must admit I like seeing it on paper...well screen.  So anyway since the last I posted I've done quite a few races....a couple half marathons, a couple 5Ks,  several triathlons etc.  My next big goal is the Half Ironman in Muncie in July.   It's a ways away but I train year around and increase my distance closer to the actual event. 

The biggest adjustment to my training routine has been 2 a day workouts and Masters Swim.  I don't do 2 a day's every day, but I've been trying to about 2-3 days during the work week and then doing 2-3 hour bike rides on Saturday and 10-20 mile runs on Sunday.  Masters swim has been a great addition to my workout.  You don't know how bad you suck at swimming til you join Masters and literally look like  you are going backwards because everyone else is swimming past you so damn fast.  I've definitely seen some improvement which I'm loving.  My 100 meter time has definitely improved by a few seconds over long distance and over shorter distances, I've improved about 10 seconds.  Today's swim workout was 300 warmup freestyle plus six - 10 minute swims with increasing spped/distance each interval (so basically you had to go faster)...then cool down.  I love the way a good hard swim workout makes you feel...its the best all over workout.   

I've added some new blogs to our sidebar that I have become obsessed with.  Triathlon is my new love...I did my first sprint in April of 2011 and I did a total of 7 I think through September.  I also set a new pr for my half-marathon but I definitely need to improve that I can do well in my longer tris. 

Well, I will leave you with some pics from some of my summer races because no blog is complete without pics.  talk soon - Danielle

Sarah and I in September running a half how this pic turned out !

I think most of these were from the Go Girl Triathlon at Eagle Creek Park...I'd love to buy pics from
every race...but I'd go broke....