Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Do do rule, what I've accepted, and just because

Today's workout:
Easy on treadmill for 45 min.  It's really hard for me to just go easy, but the old IT band kept me from pushing it.  Drills before & stretching after.  Foam rolling tonight.

From the McMillan Running book I'm reading, one of the best rules I've read :)  The Do do rule:
"It's not how much training you DO, rather, it's how well you recover from the training you DO DO. Because, if you get injured or sick from DOing too much, you are in deep DOO DOO."

Some random things I've accepted lately...

  1. I'd rather just eat the cookie dough instead of the cookies
  2. Same with frosting, no need for cake
  3. I need lots of sleep.  Lots.  Like lots.
  4. I love different scents...like when you walk into Bath & Body Works and get overwhelmed by 5 billion scents, I want to recreate that in my home.
  5. I would've rather lived in a more simpler time...50's maybe?  20's?  Don't know.  Just simpler.
  6. I NEED to live by the ocean someday
  7. My kids are my total heart.  When I look in their eyes, I literally feel my heart squeezed.
  8. I love wine, cheese, and macadamia nuts 
    And, just because it was there...yep, this 1990 bottle of French wine I'm drinking tonight.  Why wait?  For what?  Might as well enjoy it now :) I've paid my dues with many Charles Shaws.

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