About Running Chix

My name is Sarah (I'm the blonde Running Chick), and I’m a married, working mother of 3.  Trying to juggle it all and remain sane...running helps! I have 2 boys, ages 13 & 14 and a little girl, age 2…nope, that wasn’t a typo, my kids’ ages are 13, 14.  And 2. 

Running helps me stay focused and reminds me that I can achieve anything I put my mind to.  It’s “my” time, and I love every minute of it.  My passion for running sparked 10 years ago when Danielle (other Running Chick and BFF since we were 13) suggested I start running to help in my weight loss goal.  Sure, I ran track & cross country in high school, but that was all to be close to the cute boys and have an excuse to hang out at McD’s after practice….I spent most of my time making up excuses of why I couldn’t run instead of actually running.  This time around, I actually gave running a chance and fell in love with what it did for me physically and mentally.  It not only helped in my weight loss, it created self esteem that helped in other areas in my life.  It also helps me scream less at my kids.  Joking.  Sort of.
I also have a passion for good food, wine, and chocolate, as most runners do.  Everything in moderation, EXCEPT running, wine, and chocolate.
I try to crosstrain to keep my legs from falling off at the knees and have recently fallen in love with spinning.  I also try to add Zuzana in my workout mix, as she’s pretty tough and it’s hard to find something that challenges me as much as running. 
I’m not super witty, but I hope I can provide some entertainment and motivation to your day by sharing a glimpse in our Running Chick life.

Danielle- thats me!  I'm the brunette running chick!  I just lost my entire draft of my About Me page....so this version is gonna be much shorter.  I'm a married mommy of 3 beautiful children.  I love to work out and I have loved it since I was a freshman in high school.  Since those awkward days of youth, I have discovered more ways to exercise than I ever thought possible.  I've gone through step aerobics, tai bo, turbo jam, running (still hooked on this), pilates (still hooked on this too), weights (still hooked!) just to name a few.    I've struggled on and off over the years with loving myself and I hope to use this blog as a way to learn more about being healthy through being open with my own thoughts and through talking with you (our new readers....we hope you are out there). 

Sarah and I have been best friends since those awkward days and have always always been there for each other....this blog is another great thing we can share together.  I will write more soon......

My Baby

My favorite picture of my 2 oldest!