Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New shoes

I love getting new running shoes. My new favorites are Mizunos! I love how they fit and they feel broken in from the moment I put them on straight out of the box. I originally started out running in the wave rider 15s which were recommended by a number of my favorite people....Runners Forum and SkinnyRunner. I loved them!! I had switched from my past loves new balance because I suffered a broken Sesamoid bone in my right foot ( which will never heal..I've been told) so I was looking for a neutral shoe with more cushioning. Problem is I run quite a bit so through my own research I decided to try the Mizuno with Max cushion and for pronatorsto help push my foot out a bit away from my broken bone. The Mizuno nirvanas were perfect for this.........until my left foot started acting up because it didn't like the direction the shoes were pushing back to the drawing board. I love the wave rider 15 for shorter runs but I needed a slightly more cushioned neutral shoe for long outdoor runs they don't benefit from the shock absorption my treadmill I tried the wave creation 13!!! They are for neutral runners who need max cushioning...they should put a picture of me on the label....And I love how they fit and they are cute too!! Let's hope they stand up I have a half marathon on the 20th. In short I bought 1 pair of wave rider 15s for tm runs and my wave creation 13s for long outdoor I think I'm good for a bit!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

3rd place in 35-39....14th overall

I'm pretty happy with today's race... I placed in my age group, I passed a lot of people and overall I just felt good!

I'm back

The morning begins early's 5:45 now and I'm brewing some much needed coffee.

Von apparently has prepped to see me racing today...I laughed and smiled to myself when I saw the kitchen counter filled with this stuff

This is my first tri since surgery (from bike wreck) back in may...

Hmmm breakfast...I'm never hungry this early but I have to eat something before a tri so looks like its cottage cheese ...full fat yummy cottage cheese.

It's about all I can tolerate this morning. I'm on some meds for back pain right stomach is a lil sensitive right now. Errr hate back pain.

I'm dressed now in my tri suit...tris are so much more complicated than my running races but I do love them

We're packed and en route now kiddies and all...

Friday, April 20, 2012

Pre-race day....a day in pictures

So tomorrow is the Carmel half marathon race for me and Sarah! or is that Sarah and I?  who knows...
well, the weather is looking a bit peculiar...still not sure what I'm gonna wear but I think its gonna be shorts, compression sleeves and a long-sleeve dri fit top...and throw away gloves to keep the chill away early on.

I also decided that I needed a great lunch and a pre-race reward of some new running here is my day in pictures...oh and I think I'm randomly throwing in some pics of last weekends first sprint tri of the season (Carmel Sprint Tri) PR for was an indoor pool swim, 10 mile bike and 3 mile run...short and sweet...I finished in 1:04 which I was pretty happy with..but still need to improve my swim speed and get my mile splits in the high 6's...a girl can dream!!!  I also rode my new Tri bike...for like the 2nd time...wouldn't you know that the winds were crazy that day and my aero wheels tought me a whole new form of balance!  I think I almost blew over 10xs!! but it felt fast....

Pre-race Sprint Tri Checklist....check it once, check it twice, check it a hundred times....
I'm so paranoid about forgetting something that is vital..or even not so vital...I swear road races are much less stressful to prepare for....

Today's delish lunch of salmon and spicy tuna rolls (mistake roll...YUMMY)

and last but not least, 3 new pairs of UA running shorts and 1 new half zip Nike running top..
UA has these new running shorts...thin mesh and stretchy, soft comfy waistband...I may have just found my new favorite piece of running gear!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's all been a blur.....

So the last few days have been so very busy lately.  I feel as though there is simply not enough time to fit everything into one day...between workouts, parenting, cleaning, working, shopping for endless amounts of crap....I am so tired by the end of the day that I can barely weird as that sounds it is true. I just can't turn it off at the end of the day and my mind keeps going and going and going and going. 

obviously we just celebrated easter....and I think i forgot to take does this happen?  What I did manage to capture on film was my girls day out with my sister and my daughter.  We went to Build a Bear...haven't been there in ages...didn't want to go there for ages, but I'm glad we did.  I must say that their prices are much more reasonable.  Check out my baby girl with her hot dog doggie "bear" and my sister with her "hello kitty" - "bear" fun and so cute!

After Build a Bear and lots of shopping we ate sushi "LOVE SUSHI - COULD EAT IT EVERY DAY AND EVERY MEAL!!"

The next day I cooked up one of my all time favorite random dinners and I have been eating it just about every meal I am not eating sushi....its lean ground turkey, lots of seasonings, red peppers, onions, garlic, lil bit of japanese brown rice, coleslaw, light plain yogurt and salsa with avacodo and a little asparagus on the side!  it is the best food ever and sooooo healthy.


Let's see what else did we do?  I celebrated by big 37 birthday!  OMG, am I really 37? I feel crazy...but I guess I'm lucky that I love to workout and eat pretty good...when I'm not eating cake (like this one below) that my hubby and kiddos suprised me with yesterday when I came home from work.

After a good run and weight work out after this treat, we had more sushi!!! YEAH! 
Well, that's probably more info than you need about my day or so...but let me leave you with what I find to be such a sweet gift from my husband.  He made my card and then wrote my gift inside it....since I obviously love triathlons (and I've been hinting about needing a wetsuit)...he gave me this....

Saturday, April 7, 2012

I am sorry new balance

I tried out some new running shoes today.....first time I've run in something other than NB in years. They were remarkably comfy. I luv my NB minimus road shoes but since I've been putting in a lot of miles training for the 70.3 and full ironman, I thought it best to look into some shoes that have a bit more cushioning. I haven't ruled out anything yet but we'll see. I did just over 13 in the new Adidas this morning and so far do good and Iudt admit I absolutely love love love the style of Adidas in general!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Will this make me any faster??

I'm so excited and in love with my new bike!! Yesterday we ordered my Trek Speed Concept 7.8 and it is sooo lovely! My husband was so against the whole new bike thing but he caved in the end and next week this beauty will be officially mine! I'm not sure I've been this excited in quite some time! Today I put in 90 min on my not even year old road bike but with my race schedule creeping up on alot more long distance tris, I really feel like the tri bike is a good investment. 🚲

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Still biking..

Nothing like the bike trainer and cupcake wars...

Breakfast of champions

Nothing like a few tri mags and some Yaucono coffee (fresh from Puerto Rico) start off your up 1 hr on treadmill followed by 1 hour on the bike!