Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's all been a blur.....

So the last few days have been so very busy lately.  I feel as though there is simply not enough time to fit everything into one day...between workouts, parenting, cleaning, working, shopping for endless amounts of crap....I am so tired by the end of the day that I can barely weird as that sounds it is true. I just can't turn it off at the end of the day and my mind keeps going and going and going and going. 

obviously we just celebrated easter....and I think i forgot to take does this happen?  What I did manage to capture on film was my girls day out with my sister and my daughter.  We went to Build a Bear...haven't been there in ages...didn't want to go there for ages, but I'm glad we did.  I must say that their prices are much more reasonable.  Check out my baby girl with her hot dog doggie "bear" and my sister with her "hello kitty" - "bear" fun and so cute!

After Build a Bear and lots of shopping we ate sushi "LOVE SUSHI - COULD EAT IT EVERY DAY AND EVERY MEAL!!"

The next day I cooked up one of my all time favorite random dinners and I have been eating it just about every meal I am not eating sushi....its lean ground turkey, lots of seasonings, red peppers, onions, garlic, lil bit of japanese brown rice, coleslaw, light plain yogurt and salsa with avacodo and a little asparagus on the side!  it is the best food ever and sooooo healthy.


Let's see what else did we do?  I celebrated by big 37 birthday!  OMG, am I really 37? I feel crazy...but I guess I'm lucky that I love to workout and eat pretty good...when I'm not eating cake (like this one below) that my hubby and kiddos suprised me with yesterday when I came home from work.

After a good run and weight work out after this treat, we had more sushi!!! YEAH! 
Well, that's probably more info than you need about my day or so...but let me leave you with what I find to be such a sweet gift from my husband.  He made my card and then wrote my gift inside it....since I obviously love triathlons (and I've been hinting about needing a wetsuit)...he gave me this....

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