Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mommys Day!

This weekend was so very nice.  Nice weather, nice family time, nice presents yeah! and yummy food!
I did an 11 mile run on Saturday, a 35 mile bike on Sunday and a 5.5 mi outdoor run this morning (it was so nice because the sun was out at 6:30am and I could run in the perfect temps and start my day out without being cooped up in the gym....great way to start a week.

Here are a few pics from our Mother's Day brunch on Sunday.  It was nice to see more of my extended family which unfortunately happens very seldom. 

Me, the hubs, our 3 kiddos and my grandma.

same as above plus my mom and dad, my bro and sis and lots of aunts and uncles

After brunch, my sis and I went shopping with my mothers day moula $$ and then saw this flick....

the movie has not received great reviews...but I still enjoyed it.  Had some funny parts for sure...and
some heartbreaking ones..I wasn't sure who to feel bad for in the movie...anyway, its always nice to get out and see a movie that isn't a cartoon or rated G. 

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