Monday, May 13, 2013

Hiatus, hair & more

So, it's been how long?  I have no idea.  I do know there's probably not a sole around reading this, but I wanted to get back into blogging to track workouts & share nutrition, workout, and motivation.
First thing's first.
Today's workout, on treadmill because Mon & Wed are treadmill days for me.  No other way around it.  8 on the schedule, so I chose this awesome girl's treadmill workout "the ladder".  8 miles done in an hour, boom, done.

This is one reason for my hiatus...
I have to transform this
Into this...
Oh my, it's a JOB!!
Another job I've had since January is working part time at the YMCA training members for their first half marathon.  This was such a challenging, yet rewarding journey.  I think I struggled more mentally getting members to try to push themselves to their abilities...and get through the AWFUL weather we had this winter.  It was definitely a test of endurance.  The end result was bittersweet.  I loved seeing everyone surpass their goals and thank me...even though THEY were the ones that put in the work.  It was a process that helped me see this will be part of my future, helping people reach their running goals.  It was a blessing.

My mileage has been hovering around 60-80 miles a week.  Now, some of those (around 20-30) were at a much slower pace than even my relaxed pace.  So, it was a great way to get some high mileage without all the wear and tear on my body.

I got a PR in a half in March...1:40:45.  Was shooting to break 1:40, but hey, it's a PR, I'll take it.  I know I have great things in my future :)

Also ran my FIRST full marathon Apr. 20th in 3:46, just 6 minutes away from by BQ time!!  Being my first full, I wanted to run extremely conservatively to make sure I enjoyed it and finished...and I DID!!!  It was the best race experience of my life.  Totally addicted to Fulls now.  I'll be shooting for my BQ time in October, so that's what I'll be focusing on training for all summer.  I ran the full so easy that I had one day of tightness and then was back to my normal workouts about 3 days later.  It was the weirdest feeling...I almost braced for some pain...but nothing.  I felt totally fine.  This lets me know I have MUCH more in me :)
Training plan I'll be using for October is the more than 70/week in this book...
A few upcoming races I'm excited about...
Another area I'm concentrating on during training is core & arms.  During my marathon, one thing that did get sore were my arms.  Funny, but true.  So, 2 days per week will focus on upper body strength and 3 days dedicated to core.
Did this one today, and THIS SITE has some amazing and fast core workouts.
I've had to deal with some personal budget cuts lol, so sometimes my favorite protein powders are scarce in the household (like Vega, MRM egg white protein, Sun Warrior blend).  But, you don't always have to get your protein for your smoothies or meals from powder.  Look around your cupboards or fridge for things like this that can be added to a smoothie or meal, and it will create about the same ratio of protein as a powder would.  Any of these could be used in a smoothie with some almond milk, spinach or kale, stevia and some ice cubes for a good smoothie.  Add a little avocado or chia for some healthy fat, and that's all you really need.  Or, for more of a "food" meal, a slice of toast, some egg white or an egg, and some avocado with some hot sauce on top is one of my favorite post workout meals.  So, don't always think you need pricey protein powders to get some good nutrition.
And, since the little person has been coughing in my face for approx. 36 hours, I'm off to put some good bugs in my body to fight the bad bug that's a mouthful lol.

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