Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Blogger break has to end....

So I'm officially back and trying to be regular with this blog thing.  I haven't posted in hmmmm we'll go with forever...and that sucks really.  I've been really busy training all year and I need to be better about posting about it.  I like writing what I do because it keeps me accountable...and I must admit I like seeing it on paper...well screen.  So anyway since the last I posted I've done quite a few races....a couple half marathons, a couple 5Ks,  several triathlons etc.  My next big goal is the Half Ironman in Muncie in July.   It's a ways away but I train year around and increase my distance closer to the actual event. 

The biggest adjustment to my training routine has been 2 a day workouts and Masters Swim.  I don't do 2 a day's every day, but I've been trying to about 2-3 days during the work week and then doing 2-3 hour bike rides on Saturday and 10-20 mile runs on Sunday.  Masters swim has been a great addition to my workout.  You don't know how bad you suck at swimming til you join Masters and literally look like  you are going backwards because everyone else is swimming past you so damn fast.  I've definitely seen some improvement which I'm loving.  My 100 meter time has definitely improved by a few seconds over long distance and over shorter distances, I've improved about 10 seconds.  Today's swim workout was 300 warmup freestyle plus six - 10 minute swims with increasing spped/distance each interval (so basically you had to go faster)...then cool down.  I love the way a good hard swim workout makes you feel...its the best all over workout.   

I've added some new blogs to our sidebar that I have become obsessed with.  Triathlon is my new love...I did my first sprint in April of 2011 and I did a total of 7 I think through September.  I also set a new pr for my half-marathon but I definitely need to improve that still..so I can do well in my longer tris. 

Well, I will leave you with some pics from some of my summer races because no blog is complete without pics.  talk soon - Danielle

Sarah and I in September running a half marathon...love how this pic turned out !

I think most of these were from the Go Girl Triathlon at Eagle Creek Park...I'd love to buy pics from
every race...but I'd go broke....

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