Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Random bits of nothingness

I'm a little bit sleepy today.  I went home last night after work and rode the good ol bike for 20 miles...instead of watching some catch-up shows on my dvr, i rocked to some new downloads off of itunes
Is it bad that my new fav song is my Selena Gomez (I love you like a love song) oh my I really do love that song....isn't she like 12 or something....I do love that song. 

Anywho, I avg'd just under 21 it was a good intense ride and I was drippin buckets o sweat.  pretty picture in your mind i'm sure.  This morning I didnt want to get out of bed, but alas I did and busted out a four mile tempo run on the treadmonster! not a huge run, but considering it was the 3rd in a 24 hour period...I can't complain.  Tomorrow my legs will surely be appreciating my pilates class.

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