Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Birthday - Belated!

I had a big milestone birthday a few days ago..ugggg!  I turned 36...I know its not a huge milestone but its crossing over that line from low 30's to mid 30's and closer to 40 than 30....OUCH!  The upside of this is that I feel better than ever.  I like myself better...I'm stronger, fitter and I actually think I look better...not too bad I guess.  Last year my hubs suprised me by getting all of my closest friends together for a huge dinner and a night on the he gave me an awesome Michael Kors watch!  Yeah!  This year he suprised me with this fun homecoming suprise......

You can see my oldest saying SUPRISE in the background!
Love all the green balloons, plates, napkins and gotta
love that big bottle of wine!

and just another shot of my mini suprise party from my
hubs and my kids!  It was super sweet!

and my baby boy tootin his blow horn at me! 
Just makes ya smile!


and my awesome cake on my
awesome Wizard of Oz cake stand!
It was soooo yummy! all 10,000 calories of it!

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