Monday, April 18, 2011

Training and Triathlons

So I completed my first official triathlon yestderday.  I hope to get all my pics downloaded tonight so I can post lots of pics from the actual event tomorrow.  It went pretty well....

The swim was my biggest disappointment.  I guess its hard to prepare yourself to get crowded in to a lane and get pulled on and kicked....but I think I did my fair share of kicking in the face of others too....its just hard to pass and that's what happens.  I was a minute over my swim goal time! BOOOOHHHH!

As for the bike, it was tough.....lots of hills, lots of turns, lots of street roundabouts that forced huge slow downs and tons of winds! was crazy windy!.  I was only passed by 2 people on the bike but I passed probly a dozen or more...I was pleased....this was my first time riding my new bike outside.  Not always the best plan of action but it was necessary.  I was on a ride with my friend Leah about a week ago and got a flat tire..I also just didnt feel like my  bike was allowing me to go fast or hard enough...tough to explain but nevertheless true.  I went into Performance Bike and explained by predicament...they looked at me like I was an alien on crack!  Like..."how could you, a newbie bike rider, be complaining that your bike isn't hard enough to ride?"...but it was.  They said to me "maybe you should rethink your day job and be a professional cyclist?"...they were being smartasses!....but, when they pulled up my bike specs..they quickly realized why.  Apparently a large majority of bikes come with a Compact Crankset not a Standard Crankset...I apparently needed a Standard Crankset which would allow me to gear harder and go faster....   Well, instead of changing out a bunch of stuff on my bike, I traded it in for a better bike that was on sale because it was a 2010 vs a 2011....but I got a much better bike and I think it paid off for me. 

I placed 243 out of 625 on the bike...not too bad for first ride on it on the roads, my 3rd ride on it period and only my 8th time riding a road bike period...


The run was soo freaking hard!  My legs were jello...they didn't want to move at all.....I didn't think I could and to top it all off...I left my GARMIN on my bike handles so I had no way to pace myself.  I felt like I was running at maybe 10 miles per hour if I was lucky....and apparently I was because when I got my times...I averaged 7.36 minute miles...Yeah!  I have to say that I have never felt so accomplished or strong or confident in myself.  Triathlons give you something that allows you to truly feel like an athlete.  I may never win....but I sure feel like a winner.  Just as an fyi...I placed 215 out of 625 on the run (so beat some men too!) and overall, I placed 224 out of 625 and 7th in my age group (7 out of 44).  My goal is to place top 3 in my age group...!  More tomorrow!

and I'm signing up for 3 more tris this week!  I think I'm hooked!

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  1. This is so inspiring! I am so happy for you! I knew you would do awesome. I have no doubt you'll reach your goals and even surpass them. That's an awesome first tri!!!!