Monday, February 28, 2011

Lazy Sunday...sort of

Today was a day full of family, fun, food and fitness! My favorite "F" words! We slept in and cuddled....laid around and cuddled some more.   Then Von, my hubs, made a delicious breakfast of cheesy scrambled eggs, biscuits and gravy, bacon, filet mignon (seriously), whole wheat toast (healthy huh?) and oj and milk...Oh my goodness.  I didn't go overboard...fortunately for me I knew I had to workout so I couldn't fill my belly up too much but boy was it good.

I also made some yummy bread for dinner to accompany my yummy vegi and turkey hot and sweet chili!  I had to let the dough rise for 8 hours then bake and it baked up HUGE!

it kinda looks like this guy?  How did I manage that?
I managed to squeeze in a good workout today too.  Didn't do alot of distance but I did a really fast 5K and some bodyrock.  Yesterday I did 5 miles and some ab work.  I've really been thinking about what my fitness goals are and its been an ongoing struggle for me.  I've been drawn to triathlons lately (haven't done one yet but I really really want to).  I'm kind of scared of it...its all such a mystery to me, but I think I would be decent at it...and it would definitely keep me in shape and doing a variety of workouts.  I swam competitively as a kid, but its been a long time and like all of you, Ive ridden a bike, BUT road bikes are a far cry from my ten speed or my mountain bike.  I think I finally convinced the hubs to help me buy a road bike so I can give triathlons a fair shake....I really like this one...but thats just for looks not because I know anything about road bikes NOTE TO SELF:  Research road bikes!

I was gonna post more pics and other tidbits from my exciting Sunday but my computer is acting I guess I will save em for tomorrow.  Night Night.

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  1. Can we comment on our own blog? LOL! I really think you need to try a Tri. I know you would be AWESOME at them and win one! And, I like the bike. I'm sure it would be fast, but more importantly, it's cute :)