Friday, February 18, 2011

Priorities! Priorities!

So today has been a very interesting day so 6 six year old princess (we'll call her Ry) has been fighting a fever for a few days and I have been taking her to work with me everyday. We all know what this equal "kids at work = no work getting done BECAUSE we spend all day going to the vending machine, un-screwing up the computer because they think they can type any word into the computer and it will actually bring up the right website. That is never a good idea (Have you ever looked up Dicks Sporting Goods without typing in the whole name? = NOT A GOOD IDEA! Anywho...back to my princess...she broke out in a rash which clued me into the fact that she must have an infection and GUESS WHAT? she does! STREP! I'm just counting down the days that my 2 boys catch it...atleast its easily treated.

Since I didn't feel right about taking my strep ridden daughter to my office and contaminating the entire staff..we went shopping YEAH! New shoes for her, new pants from Express (my favorite place for dress pants) and some fun stuff from Victoria Secret....ahhh I just love shopping Ry kept saying "I just love mommy-daughter days"...melted my heart :) !!

Before all this excitement, I did manage to get my workout in.....4 fast miles on the treadmill and a 20 minute bodyrock workout doing crazy crazy things with my body. I tell ya if you have never done bodyrock workout...check it does a body good! I'm training for the Geist Mini in May with Sarah and she is on a mission....therefore, I must be on a mission...OMG! Let me tell you, her mission is to kill it in this race! I've run a few half marathons....and could probably count the number of days I missed working out on two hands because it is one of my biggest priorities. Even when I'm sick I work out. Not sure if that is good or bad or maybe crazy? but I like to think the reason I don't get sick very often is because I work out alot and eat pretty healthy. Eating healthy is my favorite way to eat, unfortunately I don't always do it because I need someone like Sarah to cook for me (did I mention she is an awesome cook?) She was talking out making some chili...and she better save me a bowl!! Hint Hint Hint!!

I need to post a picture here somewhere don't I...I didnt have my camera all day so not really sure its gonna fit...but how bout this for a fun pic!

This shows that we mean it when we say we love wine!!

See the second picture? Those 2 gals in the middle? yep! thats me and Sarah and our 8 wine glasses...4 each! SWEET!

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