Monday, February 28, 2011

The dog was giving me the stare!

Even the dog was looking at me funny this morning after my full throttle sprint on the treadmill....I hardly had time to workout this morning after our horrible night of storms, waking the kids up to sleep in the basement, listening to the dog howl, being awakened by the school to tell me school was delayed due to flooding roads and all in all lack of sleep which ultimately had me hitting the snooze button 5 times til I overslept and had no time to do a long run (UGGGG!!!) so I told myself I would run a 5 k as fast I 8.5+ speed on treadmill so could still make it to work on time!  I was dripping buckets because my treadmill is upstairs and HEAT RISES! and I was on fire!  so the dog thought I looked gross apparently!  Well, all that being said....I think I'm gonna join LA Fitness so I can start training for my first official tri! Yeah!  Its a sprint tri, but I figured I better work my way up to the Ironman version hahahhah! 

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