Wednesday, February 23, 2011


TODAY's WORKOUT:  5 miles plus killer workout.....18 minutes of  THE ATTACKING HOT WARRIOR WORKOUT! 

and since I didn't post yesterdays, I will now:  4 miles plus Jump Up-Knee Hug-Power Up Exercise Challenge (also a special!!)

and on to day's post>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I"m sitting at work....
Don't I look super excited
right now?   I'm actually very
busy but needed a five minute
break to de-stress.  These little
breathers help me be more productive.

I figure its better than running out
to the nearest mall and shopping
which is what I would really love
to do right now...but ALAS I cannot
as I spent my last dollar having someone
else clean my toilets yesterday! Seriously..
totally worth it!!

Anyway, I'm feeling a bit hungry...already ate my yogurt and granola for breakfast....already had 3 cups of must have coffee...hmmm now what?
I don't want to bust out my lunch (yummy chili leftovers!) right now because I usually work late and will get very very very did I say very hungry later and eat
all the mini chocolate bars that my mom keeps bringing into the office (damn her!)

So I chose to eat some nuts....I am a huge fan of cashews and I like some other nuts...but
definitely cashews are my favorite...but my mom buys these huge jars of mixed nuts and they have like 5 cashews in them...uggg! check em out....this looks more like a jar of Almonds and Monster Ugly Nuts!

Well my 5 minutes are up...back to the grind!...but I will be back...I have an amazing video to post later (totally inspired by Sarah's earlier post)

Bye for now......Danielle

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