Friday, February 25, 2011


This week has been absolutely crazy!  I'm pretty sure I haven't been this busy in a long time.  It's a good thing I've got some fun plans in the works for tonight (its also a good thing that I don't have to run double digit miles tomorrow....because after my fun evening tonight...I might not be able too Wink Wink!

Finding time to write posts for the blog has been difficult so I've enlisted the help of my baby boy to help with today's post.....

He is working so diligently on his little
handy manny laptop....

here is a brief look at his post...

Spongebob and Patrick are my
best buds! i want juice...MOMMY!

Now I know he doesn't look like
a BABY, but he is my youngest
of 3 so he definitely still qualifies
in my book....even though he is
about the size of my 6 year old.
I think this one will be the athlete of
the family....I sure hope so, someone
needs to make some $$$.

Anyway, yesterday and today's workouts were pretty good.  I tend to consider
Thursdays as my "REST" day cause I take pilates' classes at 6 am and allow
myself to take a day off of running (my legs just said Hallelujah!!)

Today, I busted out 4 miles on treadmill and did some more Bodyrock!  Check out her
site to see the crazy moves she gets me doing to keep my behind in shape!

Later gators....

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  1. Your baby boy is adorable and you girls are GORGEOUS!! Thank you for the mantra's and I am excited to be inspired by your crazy hard workouts!!! I am your first follower wahoo!!!! YAY FOR NEW BLOG FRIENDS!!!