Saturday, February 19, 2011

No Pain No Gain!

I went out last night with a friend I haven't seen in a while and had a couple cocktails knowing that I had to do a  long run first mistake.  Don't get me wrong, I had a great time and knowing that I had to run today kept me in line.  Not sure why I'm telling you all this but I guess that's the type of writer I am "RANDOM".  It was pretty nice out today...when I left for my run it was probaby 39 degrees out....pretty warm given the absolutely horrible winter we've had lately. 

I used to always be an outdoors runner, rain or shine, snow or sleet...but once I had kids I gradually merged into a treadmill runner...its not easy nor does it make me a "great mom" to take my kids out in ten degree whether in a jogging stroller (I have contemplated this when I didn't have anyone around and I needed a good long run).  Back to today's run - I ended up doing 10 miles on a pretty hilly course....with a 8:30 pace (translation for treadmill runners - that is about 7.0 speed on the treadmill)...I had some miles that were faster but I averaged about that.  So I am not sure if it was the "COCKTAILS" from last night or all the hills from being outside that gave me the worst stomach pains!  I hate that feeling....but the pain is worth it!

One little treat that my husband gave me to help make my treadmill runs more enjoyable (well, 2 treats - he bought me a kindle so I can read and run!) is pictured in the attached...he wired the tv to my treadmill so I can plug my headphones in so I can hear the tv perfectly.  I used to turn the volume all the way to 100 and still couldnt hear it because it was so loud it was muddled sounding not to mention the loud treadmill.  I spend most of the run trying to decipher what they were saying on Millionaire Listing (my new fav reality show)....are there really realtors like this?  gotta love it!!

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