Thursday, March 10, 2011

Deep thoughts

Workout:  1 hour of Pilates - this pilates class!

Class begins at 6am and ends at approx. 7am....usually I linger and chat with the instructor (my friend Leah) over a couple yummy cups of coffee....I usually get home somewhere around 7:30 and wake up the kiddies so they can get ready for school and daycare!  Today, my husband came into the room while I was in the middle of my "attempt to be presentable" routine and looked at me and said:

"Is it worth it?"

I looked at him in my glazed tired way and said "What? you mean the working out?" he said "yes, the getting no sleep so you can work out?".....I quickly said "YES"...."One more hour or so of sleep would not make me feel any better....but working out makes me feel awesome and strong and healthy."  and you know what? is true! and I think I require less sleep because I do work out.  Plus my kids think exercising is something that everyone does....kind of like brushing your teeth...I hope this helps guide them to a long healthy life full of good food and fun, safe and healthy exercise!