Monday, March 7, 2011

Paninis, Sweets and Triathlons

This weekend was bizarrely uneventful yet fulfilling at the same time.  Went out with some friends on Friday to watch a great band.  I knew that Saturday would not be the most productive day of the week since Friday would be a late night but it was a nice relaxing day. 

Sunday was a great friend Leah and I met up to do some official "triathlon" training...or a BRICK as we true professional (lol) triathletes call them...

First off...22 minutes on the spin bike.  I usually ride on a mountain bike outside or on a good ol stationary bike...and this was so much better.  Definitely better for training for the bike leg of the race until I can actually get some decent weather here in Indiana.  Next did 3 miles on treadmill....6.5 up to 9.0 speed on treadmill....just shy of 23:30 time. And then we hit the pool.  Well because I haven't done lap swimming in forever and don't usually require a training suit or goggles...this was extra fun.  I swam 400 meters about half breaststroke and half freestyle.  Swimming will be the hardest part of this event for me!! No Joke! My eyes were killing me and my suit so did NOT want to go swimming with me!  alas I made it through.  It was a great workout and I felt super strong afterwards!!

maybe not this strong! (this is not me!!)
After our workout....I decided to go buy a panini press sandwhich idea why really but it sounded good!  So I picked up this little number. 

and it made the best sandwhich!!!  Some 9grain bread, sprouts, spinach, havarti cheese, lean meat and avacado grilled on the new sandwhich maker and you have heaven on a plate.
this is my sandwhich in progress while my husband tried to ruin my picture by
sticking up his finger...hmmmm.

and this is what my hubs brought home for us all to enjoy...isn't that sweet? Good thing I
don't like cake! yeah for me!  but my kids were super happy with the cupcakes, eclaires, lemon and raspberry squares and popcorn!  They are still on a sugar high.

Cheese and Vanilla and Blueberry Flavors! Yeah for Daddy!

and on to more healthy topics!  TODAY'S WORKOUT:

5K + 20 minutes Elliptical + Bodyrock (lunges, abwork, pushups and more abwork) Woohoo!

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