Thursday, March 17, 2011

TGI almost Friday

I need for this week to be over.   I feel as though I haven't been able to accomplish anything even though I've been swamped.  Let's see....I was sick on Tuesday, I had to leave work early on Wed  for some kiddo time...and errand running...and then today I got to go to the Doctor...yuck! but all is well on the health front so that is good news.  I did skip Pilates today and replace it with a more cardio heavy plus bodyrock workout cause my workouts have been a little all over the place this week and I just felt like I needed a good run in. 

Wednesday and today I ran 5Ks, biked a few miles and did some strength training.  Today, I also did some kick butt bodyrock so I am feeling sore tonight.  I actually enjoy that sore that weird?

I did get my nails done today....I have huge hands so I feel like I have to get my nails done or I look like "man hands"....its amazing what a good mani - pedi can do for  your mood.  love this hot pink...sorry for the terrible pic! 
I need a palm reader...look at those lines on my
must mean something interesting.....I probably don't want or
need to know.

So I work in the insurance industry and I was speaking with one of my clients, who is a mental therapist, and deals with gals with issues like eating disorders.   It begged the question of when does one become overly obsessed with food or exercise?  I like to think that I am a very motivated, driven person who enjoys working out and the benefits that come with it....but am I obsessed? 

I think about times when we had a flight at 6 in the morning and I wanted to make sure and fit a workout in so I ran on the treadmill at 2 in the morning so I could feel like I "worked  out" that day. I had already worked out earlier that day but knew the next day was out unless I did it in the middle of the night.  I was glad I did but others thought I was a bit cookoo....what do you think?  Well, I have got to go to sleep..but I have more planned to blog til then.

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  1. Love your post & I enjoy reading about this...hearing other's views & thoughts. This topic takes alot of courage to talk about. Some things may not seem out of the ordinary to you, but something someone else does may seem totally crazy to you. I think EVERYONE does things that others may think are strange...but, we can't really define what "normal" is.

    We enjoy being fit & everything that comes along with it. Being fit requires us to devote a great part of our day to nutrition, workouts, researching, ect. Sometimes, it feels overwhelming.

    Although, I'd rather be on this spectrum of things and not like the lady I saw yesterday sitting in her car smoking the entire time I ran around the lake for 5 miles. She probably thinks people like us are crazy & we think she's crazy.

    Everyone is so different, we need to be comfortable with what works for us & not compare ourselves to others in any way.
    ps, TGIF!!!