Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fun weekend sick tuesday

So I've been MIA for a few days...thank goodness I have a blogging buddy to keep us current!

So here's the lo-down on my workouts over the past few days:

Saturday (party day):   30 minutes on spin bike - high intensity
                                   5K on treadmill - 23 minutes
                                   450 meter swim

It was a great workout!!

Sunday:  REST DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday:  5 K, 6 mile bike, bodyrock (75 high knees + 25 sandbag squats x ten)
* my knee is jacked up....my hubs said he had the same thing back in his soccer playing days and I need to let it rest....it is grinding! not fun nor pretty sounding!  uggggg!  I WILL NOT BE INJURED!!

Tuesday:  5miles - steady *8:30 pace; 3 mile bike; abs (planks, and crunches on ball...alternating) plus pushups - and I am sick!  I got home around 7:15 this morning to get gets up and ready for school and literally collapsed and could not get back up.

I made it into work today wearing victoria secret sweats, no makeup and airdried hair ( I look sick) OMG!!!

but on to more enjoyable visions:  random pics for your viewing pleasure:

Dirty Martini yummy
My favorite dinner and leftover lunch! and the sauce
that makes it so yummy...why that is
featured in the next picture......

Very yummy! panda express mandarin sauce
a little dab will do ya!

Me in my 3rd and final skinny runner tee! love it!

Sarah and Leah flauntin their bling!  everyone bought new
jeans for the occassion....yeah! for shopping!!!

and last but definitely not least! my baby playing dressup.
I think he was channeling Darth Vadar on a bad fashion day
...note the high waters

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