Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Boring me...

Workout:  short n sweet summary of the past few days

Saturday:  Brick - 30 minute spin bike, 3 mile run, 400 swim
Sunday:    Easy 4 mile run outside - 7:45 pace
Monday:   7 mile speed workout on treadmill - 1 mile warmup; 4 x 1600, 800 jogs between and cool down
                 3 mile bike
Tuesday:   5 mile tempo - 1 mile warmup; 3.5 miles with hill repeats between 7.0-7.8 pace; .5 mile cool
                 5. 5 mile bike   AND NOW I AM HUNGRY!!!!!!!

lunch started out like this...too much for one tupperware container (or actually
my chinese food takeout container)...broccoli, zuchini, grilled chicken, edamame and brown rice
with my favorite sauce

This is the brown rice and edamame....it is soooo  yummy!

all mixed together!!!..mmmmmm

Check out the label from this cake I bought my husband for his
birthday from Bucca de beppo....it is soooo amazing...but it is soooo
soooo soooo sooo BAD for you!  OMG. 
1700 Calories per slice
96 grams of fat per slice

I have some leftovers if you are interested!

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