Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Go Pacers!

I think yesterday was one of the most exhausting days of my life.  Does anyone else out there hate meetings?  Does anyone else out there think that meetings are generally a waste of time and result in nothing but a greater amount of wasted time!  UGGG!  Due to this meeting, I had to go to the gym at 5 am vs my normal 6am..which means getting up before 5am in order to get in a full workout....UGGG! but I did it because I knew I would feel like more crap than if I didn't.  So made it to the gym, ran a 5K, rode 5mi on the bike and did some more Bodyrock...suprise!  I know...I'm pretty predictable...but I did run and ride fast because I had to fit all of this in a short time span. 

Today started off a little better...I slept in til 6 then went to the gym about 20 after for another great workout! No suprises here....4 mile run at 8:00 pace, 4 mile bike and more HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)  or Bodyrock.  The guy next to me looked at me and said "you are making me hurt just watching you do that"...I took that as a compliment. 

And back to hubs took my baby boy to the Pacers game.  My parents have season tickets and shared them with us (Thanks!!)....   My punkin just loves basketball and soccer....and we knew he would be so excited to go.  We bought him a personalized jersey and a mini Pacer's Basketball.  He wore the jersey to bed and then refused to take it off this morning.  I'm just hoping he will take it off some time this week. 

While the hubs and baby were at the Pacer game, I took my 2 oldest to dinner, Gamestop (more video games) and to the Buckle! jeans for momma.  Picked up some BKE jeans...usually I don't like these ones....but I was suprised to find some...and at a much cheaper price than I'm used to spending Yeah for saving money!

Hmmm....what else did I buy yesterday?  Oh yes, my new training suit for swimming.  I picked up this sassy lil number (if a training suit can ever be sassy?) plus some new goggles and swim cap...all in a days work! 

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  1. Whew, hearing all you accomplished motivated me today!! :) Love that suit for the tri!