Saturday, March 5, 2011

Random Saturday Stuff

1.  Fridays workout was a good one:  5K Run, 6 Mile Bike Ride, Bodyrock workout -  I am sore today!

  • Jump Up & Star Lift 60 reps
  • James Bond Lunges 60 reps (alternating legs)
  • Monkey Business Exercise 60 reps
  • Side Crunch 30 reps on each side
  • Breakdance Push Up & Knee Tuck 60 reps

2.  Today's Workout - TBD - I have a headache...a little too much fun last night.  My workout thus far has consisted of reading about workout out....see below:

I think I have built up a collection of 1000s of magazines!
Does anyone else have trouble throwing away magazines?

3.  I wore my new "I wanna punch running in the face" tee to work yesterday.  Love it! So glad I bought 3 of Skinny Runner's tees before she sold out!

4.  Ms. Luna is also enjoying a relaxing day of tv and magazine reading.

I am a princess!
 5.  Tomorrow, I am going to the Y to swim, bike and run with my friend Leah, who also happens to be my pilates instructor.  You can check out her website here - Just Breathe Pilates.  I love pilates and it has given my abs some of their pre-baby glory again.  We are training for the Carmel Sprint Triathlon. Yeah!

6.  I've been researching what I need to buy for my first official tri....and this is what I've come up with so far.  You can can find this list and longer lists for Olympic, Hall Ironman and Full Ironman Tri's at OneTri.  I better get shopping!!

Sprint Triathlon Race Checklist


Swim suit or tri shorts
Swim Cap
Lubricant or anti-chafe
Ear Plugs


Bike shorts or tri shorts
Bike Shoes
Water bottles w/energy replacement fluids
Energy gel or snacks
Biking gloves
Spare Tube, CO2, Tire Levers


Race shoes with elastic or quick laces
Cap or Visor
Lubricant for feet
Race number on race belt
Energy gel or snack


Warm clothes or Rain clothes
Extra Energy gels and snacks
Change of clothes for post race


  1. I can't wait to cheer you & Leah on in the Tri!! I have to get busy on my "Wine at the Finish Line" poster :)

  2. Sarah - you MUST bring the wine!! We will need it LOL!
    Great workout on Sunday D!! Already looking forward to next weekends Brick! You better get a suit and goggles this week.