Monday, March 28, 2011

Wowza! Prisoners, lost doggy and food shopping!

Business has kept me uber busy lately...too busy to post unfortunately..sorry!  So here I am now, trying to throw it all in.  lets see....

Workout:  Missed pilates Thursday (set my clock on my alarm for 11 am instead of pm...thank goodness I woke up at quick 50 minute cardio session on treadmill.

Friday: 4mile run 5mile bike + weights
Saturday:  Bodyrock in my glorious Evansville IN hotel room! 
Sunday:  Brick - Yeah! love these!  I feel so accomplished.  30 min spin, 5K run, 600 meter was great!

Monday:  5K, 20 minute elliptical, 5 mile bike

So, I lets get a quick replay here....Friday afternoon...getting ready to pack up my office and head to Evansville for an all day Saturday meeting.  Phone Rings!!! Its my husband and our dog Luna is nowhere to be found...nowhere! and he is freaking out!.  My kids are due to be home from school in 30 minutes and my daughter's heart would be broken....RUN FAST TO MY CAR! DRIVE FAST HOME...Crying loudly! He still cannot find her.  I was so upset because Luna does not run away...she likes to be held, she likes to be in side where its warm...she does not leave our yard Ever!!!  I get home, my daughter is sobbing in our driveway!  I burst into tears! do I handle this...she cries and cries my baby Luna, my baby Luna!  My husband has signs made and he hops in my car with my son and they take off to find her.  Me and baby girl rapidly walk the neighborhood screaming Luna's name.  Nothing!  I prayed and I prayed and I prayed!  and we cried a lot.  About an hour later we turned up a street and I saw my car coming the opposite direction...all of a sudden it stopped and yes, did I see what I think I saw?  did he pick up Luna?  Hubs started waving me down....he gave me a thumbs up!...then I saw her....yeah!  We found our baby Luna!...We all cried!  I thanked God!

I don't think she let go of her all weekend!
She played with her, she cooked with her...
she cuddled with her!  We were all so grateful
to have found her!

I'm sure Luna was ecstatic! She loves her little mommy!

Well, after Luna was safely located, I headed on the road to Evansville! Yeah!  the drive was BORING!!
There is nothing on the drive to see......but this....

This is a if I needed this warning...which you probably

AND then....I went through the drive-through at Panda Express and they STOPPED carrying and selling my favorite sauce.  I'm devastated.  So I did what any normal human would do..I found 2 bottles on Ebay and ordered them!  Yeah for me!

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