Thursday, March 24, 2011

Something beautiful can be found anywhere...

Sarah and I have been texting back and forth alot about injuries...make sure you read her post from earlier today because it is so true and it really hit home for me.  Like her...I'm fighting some sort of injury...not sure what mine is yet but my right knee is not very happy with me right now.  But, I've been injured before and had to lay off the running (which can be very hard to deal with) but I did come back stronger and more there is something positive that can come from being injured. 

Anyway, speaking of how something beautiful can come from anywhere....I was driving home yesterday and the weather was getting kind of scary.  The winds were very strong..everything was blowing everywhere and traffic was at a stand still due to traffic lights going out.  Needless, to say, it was not making for the best drive home from work.  Well, lo and behold, I looked out my driver side window and there sat a DOUBLE RAINBOW!  It was so pretty and it took me back to being a little girl and when my best friend and I used to try and find the gold at the end of the rainbow...we would bike for hours looking but never could find it.  That's when biking was really enjoyable and I did it looking for treasure.  Now, I do it to burn calories...I need to get back to making fitness fun!! We all do!  The world would be a healther place if we focused less on the "working out" and focused more on the "fun" we can have being outside just playing like kids. 

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  1. Makes me want to go back to our 5 mile walks :) We need to do that this summer!